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My approach to individual therapy is to work in collaboration with clients to develop a treatment plan that is in alignment with their goals and life direction.


Clients are given a choice to integrate creative writing and expressive arts with evidence based therapy techniques. The initial aim of therapy will be to develop rapport in which the client is made to feel safe. As we explore, it may be confusing and burdensome at first. However , it will serve in some way to protect and guide you to the place where you are now. It is from this juncture that clients will begin to accept where they are not as a final destination, but as a point of reference as they move forward in the development of their personal values. 




Individual Sessions

Individual psychotherapy sessions, or "talk therapy", are done one-on-one between the client and Karen. The session lasts up to 50 minutes and is a collaborative and goal-oriented discovery for you. It is my goal to work closely with you to create a safe, open and trusting therapeutic relationship.


Appointments are $75 per session.

Group Sessions 

Expressive Arts Community Health and Well Being is a psychotherapy group that intergrates various dimensions of the arts. This includes storytelling, poetry, movement, music, and creative writing as a doorway to transformations and healing. The group is offered to individuals who are seeking a pathway to get unstuck as they confront some of the behaviors associated with depression, anxiety, and trauma. 

This group meets weekly for 8 weeks, 60 minutes a session. 

The 8-week session is $360.00. 



Derived from ViniYoga, Yoga-Ease builds upon those same techniques. One of the fundamental teachings of ViniYoga is that the practice is designed to meet the person where they are. The 75-minute group session will integrate gentle physical movement, as well as breathing techniques, meditation, chanting, sound healing and journal reflections. The course plan for Yoga-Ease is intended to reduce symptomatic behaviors associated with depression, anxiety, trauma and chronic pain. We will use the following statement taken from the meaning of yoga, “to come together, to unite, to tie the strands of the mind together, to bring awareness to our actions” to align your actions with intent. Throughout the practice of Yoga-Ease you will be invited to act with attentiveness and to be present with each breath.

This group meets weekly for 4 weeks, 75 minutes a session for $25 per session. It would be $100 for 4 weeks. 

To meet individually, with therapy included, it is $90 a session.

In our sessions, I serve as a sacred mirror and guide people to...

  • work through self-discovery

  • find their authentic voice

  • keep on track 

  • work towards achievable goals and,

  • stay anchored in pursuing what they really want. 

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