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Feel Better

Serenity is closer than you know


Do you feel held back from being your true self? Are you ready to put in the work to get where you want to be?

You see the suffering of humankind, and yet you feel stuck in a cycle of distraction and avoidance, keeping you from fully evolving. Maybe you have felt robbed of your dignity. Divided from others by false perceptions.

Now, imagine you go through a self-reflection intertwined with expressive arts. Dance, storytelling, and movement can help you explore what it really means to be a human.


By using your vulnerability as strength and building a loving community around you, you are on the path for creating social change. 



Hi! My name is Karen Bonita Roberts, LCSW, and I am an ambassador of hope and healing. As a keeper of stories (griot, jali), a voice for the voiceless, and a space holder for your most intimate journey my goal is to help craft a life that brings forth your inner treasures.


Individual Sessions




Group Sessions

"It is rare to find clinicians who are holistic practitioners of well-being and healing services, who not only understand that mental wellness cannot be disconnected from the physical and non-physical (spiritual) dimensions of people’s lives, but also have the knowledge, skills, and passion to serve the whole person..."

Stephanie Thompson, EdD, MDiv

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