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Do you feel held back from being your true self?


Have you felt robbed of your dignity and divided from others by false perceptions of a mass-culture that expects you to go through life in superficial ways?


You see the suffering of humankind, and yet you feel stuck in a cycle of distraction and avoidance, keeping you from fully evolving.


Imagine initiating a healing process that uses the expressive arts like dance and storytelling, as catalysts to explore what it really means to be human without labeling and stigmatizing. 


What would be possible, if you were held in a sacred container uniquely designed for misfit seekers?


- supported to use your vulnerability as a strength

- building a loving community around you

- that serves as a vehicle for social change

Hi! My name is Karen Bonita Roberts, LCSW, and I am an ambassador of hope and healing, a keeper of stories (griot, jali), a voice for the voiceless, and a space holder for your most intimate journey - working alongside you to craft a life narrative that brings forth your inner treasures.

I started Serenity Haven following my decades of work at the V.A., working with diverse segments of the population, which revealed to me the importance of a multidimensional approach to truly help people, like myself, who were trying to find a way out of the dark.  

Today, my work focuses on women who are navigating identity issues intertwined with family dynamics, intergenerational trauma and psychological wounding as I deeply understand the impacts of being separated from a biological family at a young age and the effects of adverse childhood environments.

In our sessions, I serve as a sacred mirror and help people

  • work through self-discovery

  • find their authentic voice

  • keep on track

  • work towards achievable goals and

  • stay anchored in pursuing what they really want


My multidimensional perspective transcends the typical reductionist approach of talk therapy, allowing the fragmented parts of my clients to weave together, into a grand tapestry, with the threads of the true treasures that hide out in the wilderness of minds, hearts and souls.


If you….

  • find yourself at a threshold of change

  • feel ready for a new beginning 

  • enjoy bringing movement and art into your life

  • are willing to show up, be open and do the inner work

  • long for the support of a listening ear...but maybe feel a bit of reservation or fear


...then I’d love to hear from you.

Schedule your free, initial 15 minute consult  here:

Feel Better

Serenity is closer than you know


Individual Sessions

Group Events

Online Workshops

Individual psychotherapy sessions or talk therapy as it is sometimes known are done one-on-one online or in person and last for up to 50 minutes.

Expressive Arts Community Health and Well Being is a psychotherapy group that integrates various dimensions of the arts including storytelling, poetry, movement, music and creative writing as a doorway to transformation and healing

Community Mental Health 

Forums, on a quarterly basis to explore various topics related to mental health and well-being coming soon.

"It is rare to find clinicians who are holistic practitioners of well-being and healing services, who not only understand that mental wellness cannot be disconnected from the physical and non-physical (spiritual) dimensions of people’s lives, but also have the knowledge, skills, and passion to serve the whole person..."

Stephanie Thompson, EdD, MDiv

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